The attack on Zaporizhia on August 11th


Zaporizhia was subjected to a devastating rocket attack on the 11th of August, resulting in significant harm to civilian infrastructure and inflicting injuries upon at least 19 innocent individuals.

The assault transpired around 7:00 PM local time, as a barrage of rockets relentlessly pounded residential and commercial sectors within the city’s confines.

Tragically, one of the projectiles found its target in a local hotel where numerous people were seeking refuge. Regrettably, this incident claimed the life of one individual, while an additional 19 people were left grappling with various degrees of injuries.

Further rocket impacts struck numerous private homes and businesses, leading to the widespread destruction and damage of multiple edifices.

The brazen attack induced widespread panic and distress among the local populace, prompting a wave of evacuations as residents hastily fled their homes in search of safer havens.

In the face of this heinous act, the Ukrainian government vehemently denounced the assault, unequivocally classifying it as a blatant military transgression. The government took this opportunity to beseech the global community to swiftly act and hold Russia accountable for its grievous actions.

This reprehensible attack upon Zaporizhia stands as yet another harrowing testament to Russia’s flagrant and wanton aggression against the Ukrainian populace. It is of paramount importance to bear in mind that behind these grim statistics lie real individuals – lives forever altered, and futures tragically cut short.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we remain unwavering in our support for Ukraine, as the nation perseveres in its unyielding pursuit of freedom and sovereign independence.

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